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  • Molesworth (Penguin Modern Classics)

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    Geoffrey Willans

    ISBN 0141186003

    School is 'wet and weedy', according to Nigel Molesworth, the 'goriller of 3B', 'curse of St Custard's' and superb chronicler of fifties English life. Nothing escapes his disaffected eye and he has little time for such things as botany walks and cissy poetry with an assortment of swots, snekes and oiks. Instead he is very good at missing lessons, charming masters and putting down little brothers, in fact he is exceptional at most things except spelling. Wildly funny and full of sharp observations on life, the 'Molesworth tetralogy' is magnificently complemented by the illustrations of Ronald Searle.
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    • School's out

      posted to Monsieur le Prof d'Anglais on Sun 29th Jun 08

      The last lessons were today. Rather than tell you about it, I'll let this rather good picture by Ronald Searle paint 1000 words. OK, so they weren't wearing uniforms and the teachers don't have canes any more, but you get the idea.It's taken from the excellent ...