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  • P Is For Bacon

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Mon 9th Sep 13

    CrispyA couple of weeks I hosted a workshop at my school on the subject of parsnips. Parsnip is an acronym standing for the subjects that coursebook writers are allegedly supposed to avoid:PoliticsAlcoholReligionSexNarcoticsIsmsPork We had a really interesting ...

  • A North Korea Q&A

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Thu 20th Jun 13

    Last month Ann Loseva, a fellow teacher in Moscow, asked me to answer some questions from one of her students about North Korea. She asked me because I visited the country in 2010 and had written about it for the travel website Global Grasshopper. She had used ...

  • Silent Movies - The BELTA Day Special Edition

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Mon 10th Jun 13

    Just before the workshop...On June 1st, BELTA (the teaching association of which I am president) held its first ever national conference. We were delighted with how it went, the speakers were fantastic and the delegates were enthusiastic participants. Im already ...

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  • Using Soundcloud in an Unplugged One to One Class

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Mon 4th Jul 11

    Note taking is one of the central tenets of Teaching Unplugged, and the more I try to practice it, the harder I realise it is. This is especially true in a one-to-one setting. I find it's particular tricky because I want to sustain genuine face to face conversation, ...

  • Professional Development - Not An Option

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Wed 24th Apr 13

    This post was first written as a comment on the blog of the Secret DoS. To read the interesting article that prompted it and the discussion that followed, including my original comment, click here. I have adapted the comment for this blog post.Conferences are ...

  • Silent Movies III, A New List

    posted to TheTeacherJames on Fri 11th Jan 13

     Below youll find a collection of short films with little or no dialogue, and a few simple ideas for how they could be used. If you decide to use any of these films, why not let me know how you used it so we can share your ideas with other teachers. To ...

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