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  • A Q&A English-Learning Blog Carnival

    posted to Learning the Language on Wed 2nd Jun 10

    As a journalist, I think often in terms of finding answers to questions. For this blog carnival, I've read the blog posts and then come up with a question that each one answers, kind of like what the guests on the T.V. show "Jeopardy" do. I used this same approach ...

  • Obama Administration to Halt Low-Priority Youth Deportations

    posted to Learning the Language on Fri 19th Aug 11

    The Obama administration announced Thursday it will halt deportations of many undocumented students and other low-priority immigration offenders through a new policy that will not require Congressional approval.Under the new policy, deportations will be suspended ...

  • From Teacher to Journalist to Teacher

    posted to Learning the Language on Wed 17th Aug 11

    I bid farewell to my job tomorrow at Education Week and to my authorship of this blog about English-language learners that I started four years ago. That's because I've accepted a job as an English-as-a-second-language teacher at a local high school. After ...

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