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  • Hip Hughes Explains Government Shutdown

    posted to Free Technology for Teachers on Sun 6th Oct 13

    Earlier this week Keith Hughes, producer of the world renowned YouTube channel Hip Hughes History, released a new video in which he explains the current U.S. Government shutdown. In The Government Shutdown for Dummies Keith covers the causes of the government ...

  • Most asked job interview questions and how to answer them

    posted to My That's English! on Sat 27th Jul 13

    A few weeks ago, Larry Ferlazzo published a selection of the best infographics of the year so far. As he wisely points out, infographics present information visually, making it much more accessible for the reader.This infographic about the most asked job interview ...

  • Online collection of protest songs

    posted to My That's English! on Sat 20th Jul 13

    In late June Larry Ferlazzo introduced us to One.Agit8, a site created by Bono featuring protest songs. The site includes video clips of the songs, their lyrics and some background information about them.The songs are also classified: Anti-apartheid, anti-war, ...